• Bezoekje aan Hortus

    Client: Verwonder om de hoek

  • Talent en toekomst

    Client: Technolab

  • Nieuwe talenten voor het onderwijs

    Client: Technolab

  • Technolab - Ontdek dat je het kan

    Client: Technolab

  • Matrix Frame - The world in a frame

    Client: Matrix Frame

  • Young_Xperts; Young people's solutions for a better future.

    Client: Young_Xperts

  • Iris

    Client: Nederlands Centrum Jeugdgezondheid / Emovere

    Portrait of highsensitive Iris.

  • Winnaars Studentenprijs Leids Cabaret Festival: Vlamousse

    Client: Bunker

  • Nationale Wetenschapsagenda - Het Leidse Tutorprogramma

    Client: Universiteit Leiden

  • Technolab - Onderzoekend en ontwerpend leren

    Client: Technolab

  • Technolab programmeerworkshops

    Client: Technolab

  • Aftermovie - Leids Cabaretfestival

    Client: Bunker

  • Famelab - de 2 Leidse winnaars

    Client: Universiteit Leiden

  • Open Innovatielab

    Client: Technolab

  • Het verdwenen gedicht (door Leo van Zanen)

    Client: Muurgedichten Leiden

  • Patrick Meijer

    Client: Leidse Muurgedichten

  • Open dag voor docenten op het Davinci College Lammenschans Leiden

    Client: Davinci college Leiden Lammeschans/Technolab

  • Feest Sint Jan door scholen en buurtbewoners in Tuin van Noord

    Client: Greet Meesters

  • Pop-up college over voeding op de Haagse Markt

    Client: Universiteit Leiden

  • Pop-upcollege over Troelstra tijdens de Museumnacht

    Client: Universiteit Leiden

  • Lekker gezond!

    Client: Go Noord!

  • Aftermovie - Backstage in je brein!

    Client: Universiteit Leiden

  • NeuroLabNL - Het belang van hersenonderzoek voor Nederland

    Client: NeuroLab

  • Psychiatrische Eerste Hulppost in Leiden

    Client: GGZ Rivierduinen

  • Urban Planning Project voor middelbare scholen in Europa

    Client: Urban Land Institute

    Film about the Urban Planning Project An active education project for highschool.

  • De Nationale wetenschap agenda lanceert twee nieuwe routes.

    Client: Universiteit Leiden

  • Een kijkje in de keuken

    Client: Akzo Nobel

  • Wethouder cultuur loopt stage in museum de lakenhal

    Client: Museum de Lakenhal

  • logo kellerfilm aftiteling animatie

    Client: Kellerfilm

    Animation of Kellerfilm logo used for endtitles of our own Kellerfilm documentaries, animations and drama productions.

  • Secret Star Cosmetics

    Client: Schoonheidssalon Secret Star Cosmetics

    Impression of the atmosphere at beautysalon Secret Star Cosmetics in Leiden the Netherlands.

    The film is made for the website of Secret Star Cosmetics.

  • Teaser event: Loop_Copy_Mutate

    Client: Genetic Choir

  • Loop_Copy_Mutate teaser 1

    Client: Genetic Choir

    teaser 1 (of 3) for the Loop_Copy_Mutate performance of the Genetic Choir in de North sounth line of the metro at Amsterdam Central Station.

  • Voorbeeld van een whiteboard animatie

    Client: Montessori Nederland / Educatieve Projecten Nederland

    Whiteboard animation about the Montessori system in the Netherlands.

    Drawings by Herbert Mattie. Animation by John Schleipen.

  • Captains of the golden age

    Client: Golden age games


    Client: HAL Allergy

  • Mini Skirt - Esquivel

    Client: Basta Records

    Video for an album by the Basta Records label. The original music of Esquivel performed by the Metropole orchestra conducted by Vince Mendoza. More info: bastamusic.com

  • Nieuwe energie in De Doelen

    Client: De Doelen, Dura Vermeer, Van Eijk Leiden en OBR

  • Asbestverwijdering via waterstraaltechniek

    Client: Van Eijk Leiden

  • Lars en Liz in de wereld van vis

    Client: Zorn Media, Productschap Vis

  • AerodurĀ® Basecoat, Clearcoat

    Client: Akzo Nobel

  • The key to customer superyachts

    Client: Cramm Yachting Systems

  • Aardgas maakt tanken weer leuk!

    Client: Ballast Nedam

KELLERFILM: professional corporate films

For more than ten years, Kellerfilm has been making corporate films of every genre and length. From corporate films to commercial films. From educational animation films to internal instruction films.

Our team also has a broad experience in filming internationally, and has filmed in Brazil, India, Russia and many countries in Europe. All the films are made by a small creative team. We can also expand this team with our pool of expert freelancers, and thus make highly professional films at a relatively low budget.

Films made by Kellerfilm are shown at trade shows worldwide by our satisfied customers. Our loyal customers are organizations and companies based in the Netherlands such as Leiden University and international players such as Akzo Nobel and Johnson & Johnson.

You can make an appointment with Michiel Keller (director). He will visit you, free of charge, to talk about your wishes/goals. For Kellerfilm it is important to make films together with the customer. In this way the film will be effective for the targeted audience. After the meeting, a quotation based on the film plan will be sent to you by mail or e-mail.Quality is what binds our customers. We share this care for quality. We enjoy making films and therefore we look forward to making a film with you for you in the near future.